Castro Theatre Sun, May 5, 2019 5:00 PM
Film Info
Director:Mauritz Stiller
Cast:Richard Lund
Erik Stocklassa
Bror Berger
Mary Johnson
Total Run Time:106 min.


Musical accompaniment by the Matti Bye Ensemble
Scottish mercenaries hole up in a frozen port town during the Scandinavian Seven Years War, escaping the army they just deserted and looking for a way back home. Made at the height of Sweden’s Golden Age of Cinema, Sir Arne’s Treasure is adapted from Nobel-prize-winning author Selma Lagerlöf’s novel of murder and revenge set against a bitter Nordic winter in the 16th century. Captured by Julius Jaenzon’s painterly camerawork, the harsh, ice-bound landscape exerts as much force in the story as any of the film’s main characters, at crucial times even more so. Having already proven himself time and again as a talented director Mauritz Stiller is at the height of his powers here, demonstrating what can be accomplished when a craftsman with vision is given resources and all necessary creative freedom.

Restoration by the Swedish Film Institute


Introduction by Barbro Osher


Special Support by Barbro Osher ProSuecia Foundation and Consulate General of Sweden

Copresented by Film Noir Foundation

Additional Information

Musical accompaniment by the Matti Bye Ensemble
The Matti Bye Ensemble seeks that magical, emotional alchemy between music and images, playing a wide variety of instruments that include piano, glockenspiel, violin, musical saw and percussion. It is led by award-winning film composer Matti Bye, who has been the Swedish Film Institute's resident silent-movie pianist since 1989. In addition to Bye, the ensemble members include Helena Espvall, Kristian Holmgren, Lotta Johanson, and Laura Naukkarinen.