Castro Theatre Sat, May 4, 2019 6:30 PM
Film Info
Director:Erich von Stroheim
Cast:Erich von Stroheim
Fay Wray
Cesare Gravina
George Fawcett
Maude George
Dale Fuller
George Nicholls
ZaSu Pitts
Total Run Time:116 min.


Musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra
On the eve of World War I a decadent empire led by a corrupt aristocracy is interested solely in its own perpetuation. Heir to a noble but insolvent family line, Prince Nucki (Erich von Stroheim) is a part-time Viennese playboy and full-time disappointment who must choose between a bride with a substantial dowry, played by ZaSu Pitts, or happiness with the innkeeper’s daughter, played by Fay Wray. Known for his perfectionism, and for pushing producers well beyond their budgetary patience, director Stroheim and his troubled production attracted press in the trades of the day as newsworthy as the final film itself. “The trials and tribulations of getting Wedding March to a screen are unique in an unique industry,” said Variety. “It has taken something like two years and over a million.” Of the two separate features eventually released, The Wedding March is the only one that remains, but it boasts enough pomp, color, and apple-blossom-laden love scenes to fill two films on its own.

Restoration by Paramount Pictures


Introduction by Andrea Kalas, Jeffrey McCarty, and Victoria Riskin


Underwritten by Leather Gloves by Fratelli Orsini

Copresented by SFFILM

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 Image Credit: Steve Friedman

Musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra
A chamber ensemble that revives the tradition of silent-film orchestras, Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra culls historic libraries of music for its live musical accompaniments. Together, musicians Rodney Sauer, Britt Swenson, David Short, Brian Collins, and Dawn Kramer have recorded and toured widely, creating vibrant, emotional, and historically appropriate scores for more than 125 films. Officially formed in 1994 after discovering the music collection of a 1920s-era theater music director, the ensemble combines precision playing with expert selections to bring silent cinema to life.