with musical accompaniment by Guenter Buchwald and Sascha Jacobsen
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Castro Theatre Sat, Jun 3, 2017 12:00 PM
$16 general / $14 member - no service charge!
Film Info
Director:Henryk Szaro
Cast:Grzegorz Chmara
Agnes Kuck
Julian Krzewinski
Maria Majdrowicz
Total Run Time:80 min.


Unsuccessful writer Henryk Bielecki coaxes his friend Jerzy to suicide so he can steal the manuscript of Jerzy’s book and publish it as his own. The book becomes a bestseller, leading to fame and fortune for Henryk—and a stage production. But as the play is about to go on, Henryk’s secrets start to unravel. This elegant thriller is based on a novel by Polish modernist Stanislaw Przybyszewski.

Introduction by Eddie Muller

Musical accompaniment by Guenter Buchwald and Sascha Jacobsen

Copresented by the Film Noir Foundation, Center for the Art of Translation, and the Art Deco Society of California


Presented in 35mm

Children under the age of 10 are admitted free.