with musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne
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Castro Theatre Fri, Jun 2, 2017 1:00 PM
$16 general / $14 member - no service charge!
Film Info
Director:Dorothy Arzner
Cast:Clara Bow
Charles "Buddy" Rogers
Josef Swickard
Josephine Dunn
Total Run Time:76 min.


Silent-era “It” girl Clara Bow falls for French aristocrat (Buddy Rogers!) after they are locked overnight in a Paris wax museum. There’s a sticking point, though—Rogers’s blueblood is betrothed to another! The Library of Congress has reconstructed the film from recovered materials, filling in missing sequences with key photos and intertitles—and in the process rescuing Bow’s incandescent performance for posterity.

Restoration by the Library of Congress

Plus: SFSFF’s Rob Byrne made a remarkable discovery in the National Film Archive of the Czech Republic—footage from the lost Wallace Beery/Louise Brooks comedy, Now We’re in the Air! He was able to restore the 23-minute fragment in time for its premiere in this program.

Restoration by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival and National Film Archive, Czech Republic


Introduced by Cari Beauchamp

Musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne

Copresented by the Louise Brooks Society, Bay Area Women in Film & Media, and the Art Deco Society of California


Presented in 35mm

Children under the age of 10 are admitted free.