So This Is Paris

Live musical accompaniment by Donald Sosin


Castro Theatre Sat, Dec 3, 2016 12:15 PM
$16 General / $14 Member
Film Info
Director:Ernst Lubitsch
Cast:Monte Blue
Patsy Ruth Miller
Lilyan Tashman
Andre Beranger
Myrna Loy
Sidney D'Albrook
Max Barwyn
Total Run Time:68 min.


Ernst Lubitsch’s fabled "touch" is on full display in this Jazz Age gem, as married couples (Monte Blue and Patsy Ruth Miller, Lilyan Tashman and George Beranger) find their attentions straying to the opposite’s spouse. The ecstatic Charleston dance number is justly famous, with its swirling camera and dizzying optics adding to the film’s feeling of seductive intoxication.

Restored 35mm print from the Library of Congress

Copresented by the Art Deco Society of California