The Last Warning

Live musical accompaniment by Donald Sosin and Frank Bockius


Castro Theatre Sat, Jun 4, 2016 10:00 PM
$16 general / $14 member
Film Info
Director:Paul Leni
Cast:Laura La Plante
Montagu Love
Roy D’Arcy
Margaret Livingston
John Boles
Total Run Time:77 min


A murder mystery unfolds among a company of actors during rehearsals in an old Broadway theater. Émigré German director Paul Leni’s last film before his untimely death and one of Universal's last silent releases, The Last Warning shows a virtuoso working at his peak. The bold cinematography enhances the creepiness of the setting and delights in the paranoid machinations of the players.

Restoration by Universal Pictures

Live musical accompaniment by Donald Sosin and Frank Bockius

Co-presented by 42nd Street Moon and MiDNiTES FOR MANiACS

ASL interpretation provided