The Deadlier Sex

Live musical accompaniment by Guenter Buchwald


Castro Theatre Mon, Jun 1, 2015 3:00 PM
$16 general / $14 member (No processing fee!)
Film Info
Director:Robert Thornby
Cast:Blanche Sweet
Winter Hall
Roy Laidlaw
Mahlon Hamilton
Russell Simpson
Boris Karloff
Total Run Time:60 mins.


After her father’s death, Mary Willard (Blanche Sweet) takes over his business interest. Willard Sr.’s right hand man Harvey Judson (Mahlon Hamilton) has more cutthroat business practices in mind, and Mary has him kidnapped to protect her shareholders (and teach him a lesson). In the end of this gentle comedy, Mary and Harvey propose another merger that has little to do with business. Boris Karloff has a small role as an unspecified foreigner.

Preserved by the Academy Film Archive from the only known surviving film element, a 35mm tinted nitrate print from the Archive’s Lobster Film Collection. Funding for the restoration was provided by The Louis B. Mayer Foundation.

Live musical accompaniment by Guenter Buchwald

Introduced by Josef Lindner of the Academy Film Archive